Welcome to ALFAn VI International conference. You can download the full program here (two different layouts):

You can find the abstracts here:

Also if you will act as a moderator in a talk you can download the information in the following link. Please search your name, seminar room and time:

Venue and Local Information

The Sixth ALFAn conference will take place at Universidad Alberto Hurtado located in downtown Santiago next to Los Héroes metro station (red line number 1 or yellow line number 2).

The entrance to the UAH campus  is in Almirante Barroso 10, only a few meters from the metro station towards the north. The best way to get to the conference venue is probably by metro, but certainly if you prefer to avoid crowds you can take a taxi or use you favourite transport app (Uber, Cabify, etc.) from anywhere in the city.

Please let the security guards at the entrance know that you will be attending the ALFAn International Conference. Take a look at the following campus map:

If you check the conference´s program you will see that most of the talks will take place in three differente seminar rooms:

- AULA MAGNA K11 located next to area number "2" in the map. This auditorium will be only used during the first day conference and welcome reception (August 22nd) and during the last two talks of the conference (August 25th). Reference:  Green circle named "K11" in the map.

- AUDITORIO MANUEL LARRAIN E11 located next to the main reception in the area  number "4" in the map. Reference:  Blue circle named "E11" in the map.

- AUDITORIO SAN ALBERTO HURTADO A11 located not far from the main entrance of the campus in the area number "1" in the map.Reference:  Yellow circle named "A11" in the map.


* We will place an information point/desk from August 22nd in the evening until the end of the conference near the entrance of AUDITORIO SAN ALBERTO HURTADO A 11 (yellow circle). If you have any queries please ask one of the assistants wearing a badge with the ALFAn logo there. He/she will provide you information regarding wi-fi access, seminar room locations, timetables, coffe vening machines, etc.

- Apart from the information point we have appointed permanent conference assistants in each seminar room. Do not hesitate to ask them any sort of information you may need.

- Wi-Fi access will be provided for everyone during the opening conference. If you are not able to log in please ask one of our assistants.

- What about coffee brakes? Coffee and snacks will be availalable on Tuesday (11.40 am (outside E11) & 4.40 pm (outside A11)), Wednesday (11.40 am (outside E11) & 4.40 pm (outside A11)) and Thursday (11.40 am (outside E11)). Additionally you can buy coffee/water/snacks at the cafeteria specified with a red star during the day.

- Where can I have lunch? The cheapest option available is to pay your own meal at the university main student restaurant ("casino", grey star in the map) or to grab a sandwich either in the cafeteria which is close to the main patio or in the OK Market supermarket located west of Los Heroes metro station (blue square in the map).

However, a better option is to walk a few blocks north west towards Brasil Square. In Brasil Avenue, mainly in the section that runs from Moneda Street until the square you will find several restaurants and coffee shops serving meals and drinks all day. Excellent options (a bit more expensice though) are also the following restaurants in the area which are very popular among academics of the university: Sole Mio (Moneda 1816, https://ristorantesolemio.cl), Confitería Torres (Avenida Libertador Bernado O´Higgins 1570), Las Vacas Gordas ( https://lasvacasgordas.cl, Cienfuegos 280), Misky Wasi (Vergara 41) or Club Santiago (Erasmo Escala 2120, https://www.clubsantiago.cl)

- Is there any chash machine at the campus. Unfortunately not, but there is one inside Los Héroes Metro Station next to the underground reception hall.

- Where can I take a taxi? Just walk to Avenida Libertador Bernardo O´Higgins and look for one there. Otherwise ask one of our assitants for a "radio taxi number".

Travelling to Chile

I strongly advice you to check the following link in order to be informed in advance about the latest entry requirements to Chile (due to the sanitary restrictions):


Before travelling, you should be informed. It is the sole responsibility of each traveller to check this information. Current sanitary information can also be consulted here.

Please note that according to the current regulations you must comply with the following requirements to enter Chile:

a)  You must always complete the International Health Passport declaration for travellers (affidavit), known as C19 (https://c19.cl/#/).

b) Foreigners not residing in Chile (tourists) must have health insurance with coverage for SARS CoV 2 (COVID19) valid for the period of their stay for a minimum amount of US$30,000. It is you own responsibility to get one before travelling if required. Please check the official webpages in advance to verify if this requirement is still in place before travelling.

c) Diagnostic tests will be carried out randomly at the entry point to Chile. Confirmed cases shall be isolated according to the general health regulations.

d) Wear a facemask in enclosed areas, including public transport, commercial premises, and university lecture halls.

Important updates:  

     Do I need a "mobility pass" (vaccine validation)?. The current situation is more flexible than months ago. You do not necessarily need to have a mobility pass to enter the conference venue, attend the talks or visit some restaurants/bars. Usually it is required to go inside the venues.

     There are many terraces, but remember that it is winter. Take a look at the following "official" information:



     If you are travelling to Chile and you haven¥t got yet your mobility pass please bring some proof of vaccination. Many venues that we will probably visit after the talks and also museums may required it.



August 22-25, 2022 / Universidad Alberto Hurtado / Santiago de Chile